Professional treatment of:

Neck, back and shoulder pain, trapped and pinched nerves and muscular pain.

Fully accredited

We are recognised members of the General Chiropractic Council and the British Chiropractic Association

What is functional medicine?

Getting you out of pain is the first step, showing you how to keep it that way is the second.

What are the fees and how long does it take?

First Visit, £80 and follow up sessions are £40

Allow for an hour for the first session, where a full and thorough assessment is done and then treatment (if indicated) can start.

Welcome to Portobello Chiropractic

We focus on the quickest, most realistic approach to managing and solving the causes of your pain.


Functional medicine is an approach to treatment that identifies how best you can manage and fix your aches and pains. It differs from standard approaches in that it does not create a long-term dependency on the therapist to be the “solution”. In cases of back pain, for example, after a thorough examination and evaluation a series of specific exercises are given to control the pain triggers and address the underlying problems that caused it.

The combination of both exercise and a short course of physical treatment is the most effective way of achieving success.

We want to get you moving comfortably as quickly as possible!

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We are Portobello Chiropractic.

Meet the man behind Portobello Chiropractic

Nicholas Lamond

Nicholas Lamond

DC MChiro

Portobello's patients:

Nick is very well placed to treat anyone who trains. He knows his stuff on the treatment and assessment of injury, but he also understands the psyche of someone who wants to challenge themselves with exercise.

The combination allows him to genuinely treat the person and not the injury, which means that he gets great (time efficient) results. Nick is hugely proactive in communicating with us about clients which means that our members get the best possible results. Nick is a practitioner I would highly recommend.

Jean-Claude Vacassin

Treatments include:

Joint and muscular pain, sports injuries, disc problems and whiplash.

Back pain

Effective, long-lasting treatment of lower back pain

Sports injuries

Improvement on pain relief and range of motion


We are trained to properly examine whiplash injuries

Headaches and Migraines

We aim to treat at cause by checking spine, posture and mobility