The Portobello Approach

Your first visit

to Portobello Chiropractic

Ever since National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) – the official body that determines policy across the national health system – recommended chiropractic care, many medical doctors now regularly refer patients to us. However, there is no need for you to be referred by your GP. Chiropractors are qualified to diagnose and treat problems without a referral from a medical doctor so you can come directly to us.

For your assurance we are registered with most major insurance providers.

Treatment is only offered after we have diagnosed your problem. We can only do this after a thorough consultation during which we record the details of your medical history and give you a physical examination.


A detailed patient history

We will build a complete picture not only of the existing complaint but also any past surgeries, illnesses and injuries.

We will add this medical information to questions around your current lifestyle to provide a detailed prognosis.

Physical Examination

Your history is followed by detailed chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological tests. In some cases, further investigation is required before treatment can begin: if this is the case, your examiner will fully explain any primary findings.

Please note that such instances are rare.

Before treatment begins

Post initial consultation

We will provide a detailed explanation of our diagnosis, based on findings from your initial consultation. A treatment plan will be outlined for you, along with other options to ensure the best care available is provided.

If we cannot treat you, we will refer you to someone who can, be that your GP or another specialist.

Your consent

Consent is always sought

Our highest priority is you and the care you receive. Any treatment or procedures will only be started or provided after your permission has been granted.

Although extremely rare, you will also be told of any risks or possible side effects of your treatment and actions required.


We use a very functional approach to treatment. The gains from the treatment room can be assisted and magnified by what you then choose to do outside of it. This means we will instruct you on the type of activities that will be beneficial to you recovering faster. These can include simple mobility exercises, or making you aware of which of your daily routines are antagonizing your injury unintentionally.

Our approach

We want to get you moving comfortably as quickly as possible!

Our treatment plans are very carefully tailored and designed. Typically, this will mean a short course of chiropractic adjustments alongside an exercise program that is designed to your specific needs.

The combination of both adjustment technique and exercise is the most effective way of achieving success.


We aren't just about treatment

We also advise each patient how they can best prevent their problem recurring. We prescribe stretching and strengthening exercises specific to your problem and will explain how to improve your posture and the ergonomics of your work place.

We will also advise you how to adapt your lifestyles and your exercise regime, if you have one.

Our Treatment Techniques

We have several techniques to treat the spine and other joints

We select from them which will suit your problem best. There are three basic categories of treatment approach. Your specific condition will determine the best course of action.

1. Manipulation
2. Directional Preference
3. Stabilization exercise.

We have Ergostyle and Zenith chiropractic adjusting treatment tables in the clinic which have specially designed moving sections that allow us to treat your low back and neck without twisting the spine.

Our Prices

Initial consultation with treatment £80

Follow up treatments from £40

In some very rare cases X-rays and MRI’s are useful to investigate a condition further. These are referred out for.